Sunday 24 October 2010

The Tuskers - Bloggers Extraordinaires

The Tuskers have been noted as having a very high blogger to pilot ratio (higher than any corporation that I know of) so for ease of access, below is a list of Tusker bloggers.

  1. Bourreau - The Bald Buccaneer
  2. Jaxley - Onslaughts of an Outlawed
  3. Ka Jolo - Your money or your life!
  4. Kirith Darkblade - Kirith Darkblade - EVE Pirate
  5.  Kishin Hattori - Journeys of a Baroque Pilot
  6. Mr Snypes - Intergalactic Man of Leisure
  7. Tressin Khiyne - Sentry Fire
  8. The Tuskers Public Relations Blog 
  9. Valgore Meurte - I will take what I can get  

Also notable ex-Tuskers include Wensley, famous writer of The Rifter Guide: Solo PvP. He has published the latest version of the Guide a few days ago, and it can be found here. Another famous ex-Tusker is Romeo Blakstorm with his blog Life among the Pirates. Romeo has also made another blog, detailing the exploits of his new alt Oxidizing Agent, called Dangerous Goods.