Thursday 28 November 2013

YouTube Fraps

Between January '13 and August '13, I endeavoured to Fraps (video record) any major fleet fights The Tuskers got into where I was involved (and typically FC'ing). Most of these have been uploaded to my YouTube account and I have recently made them public. They can be found at my channel here.

I plan on posting an blogpost about each one with lessons learnt, mistakes I made, mistakes the enemy made and adding a bit of context to each engagement. If there are any fights that look particularly interesting to you, feel free to point them out. 

The one I'll start off with is when we fought an Ishtar gang with some Armour BCs. 

Our gang composition:

1 Loki
6 Armour Battle Cruisers (1 Hurricane, 1 Harbinger, 4 Prophecies)
2 Thorax
4 Exequrors
4 Celestis

Their gang composition:

~16 Ishtars
1 Stiletto
1 Deimos
5 Guardians


Will post my thoughts next week.