Wednesday 6 April 2011

Molden Heath - Conclusion

So, my little holiday to Molden Heath finished almost two months ago. Apologies for the late writeup, but here are the closing numbers!

Ship Class - Kills/Losses (Only relevant ones listed):
Assault Frigate - 2/0
Battlecruiser - 24/2
Battleship - 15/0
Capsule - 10/0 
Command Ship - 2/0 
Covert Ops - 2/0
Cruiser - 5/0
Destroyer - 5/0
Exhumer - 3/0 
Frigate - 19/1
Heavy Assault Ship - 9/0
Industrial - 3/0
Interceptor - 3/0
Mining Barge - 1/0
Recon Ship - 4/0
Strategic Cruiser - 3/0

 Or visually

Click on the pie for a full screen!

Interestingly, Battlecruisers, Battleships and Frigates made up the vast majority of my kills - this is due to the amount of gangs passing through Molden Heath that typically operate with these ships. T2 Ships were also encountered quite often - Heavy Assault Cruisers and Recon Ships in particular.

As for efficiency:

Killed - 9.95B
Lost - 0.14B

Therefore, overall efficiency is 98.99% for the entirety of my stay in Molden Heath!

There are some excellent fights that happened that I never got a killmail for, such as fighting a solo Macheriel in my Myrmidon. After various warpins, I managed to get under his guns and get him webbed and scrambled. Unfortunately, I burnt out my web and he managed to land solid hits again. Therefore, I was forced to disengage, chosing to live another day.

Much thanks go to those I fought with and against - Gunpoint Dipolomacy, The Hatchery, The Nightshift, Blood Money Cartel and Twisted Inc. without which I wouldn't have had such a blast.

Now that's wrapped up, I have a question for my readers. I can either write a few posts about ships, discussing fittings, tactics etc. or I can keep writing up Battlereports. Which one would you refer? Dropping comments below would be much appreciated!