Sunday 20 February 2011

Molden Heath - Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

After killing the guys in the wormhole with my Myrmidon, I docked up and ate dinner. Undocking, I spotted a Maelstrom and Raven on scan. Further refinement using my directional scanner yielded their approximate location, within 30 seconds my Myrmidon was in warp to their mission courtesy of my alt having refitted with 2 Warp Disruptors in order to catch them both.

Dropping out of warp ontop of an acceleration gate, I activated it and landed 90km off them, with a few rats remaining in the mission.

Raven, Caldari Battleship famous for mission running
Overheating my middle rack of modules, I burnt towards them. Suprisingly, they let me get in point range and I had them both pointed quick enough. Settling into a tight orbit around the Maelstrom in order to reduce his turret DPS, I started pounding away at him with Republic Fleet EMP M as well as my set of Thermal Drones. His shield took a few minutes to go through and his armor lasted long enough for me to swap to Explosive Drones + Fusion, but eventually he popped.

Gliding up to the Raven, I started working through his considerable shield tank, but eventually he fell also. Docking up, I dropped off my loot, refilled on cap boosters and waited out my GCC. Just before it finished expiring, through my alt I spotted a neutral gang of 3 Vagabonds and a Rapier in Bosena, excellent prey for my Myrmidon. At the same time however, I was convoe'd by a member of Gunpoint Diplomacy and asked if I would help them kill the same gang. "Of course" I replied, more pewpew is always welcome.

Undocking, I made my way to the Bosena stargate and met up with the rest of the gang whilst connecting to their TeamSpeak server. In total we had Armageddon, Blackbird, Hurricane. my Myrmidon and two Tempests. Definitely overkill for such a small gang we were facing.

After a very long game of cat and mouse, eventually they slipped up and my alt secured us a warpin ontop of them. With the Heavy Neutralizers fitted to our Battleships, we caught and killed one Vagabond whilst the rest warped to the high security stargate. Following behind them, we are delighted to find them shooting a neutral Rapier on the stargate who had apparently fired back. The opposing gang warped off whilst the neutral Rapier was dispatched quickly.

Whilst looting the field, a Tristan autopilotted to the stargate and he promptly felt our wrath.

Poor, poor Tristan.
Heading back to Oddedulf, a Drake and Omen were spotted belt-ratting. Unfortunately, they kept warping to another belt as we landed. Putting a ship in each belt, we caught them and they were also eliminated. Rather unusual fit for an Omen.

After quickly suicide ganking a Hulk in neighbouring high security, I logged off for the night, eager for more pewpew the following day.

The next post will contain some actual good fights!