Saturday 28 August 2010

Assault Frigate Love!

Been planning an Frigate tournament for some time, and I finally have the time to set it up etc. To make it more interesting, this will be an Assault Frigate tournament.


Location: Hevrice

Date: 18th September 2010 

Time: 19:00 Eve Time

Ships: Assault Frigates

This will be a single-elimination tournament where each match will have a 1v1 between two players, both of them in assault frigates. The winner of each match gets to loot the loser's wreck.

Entry fee -> 10M per player sent to Suleiman Shouaa. Set reason to "Assault Frigate Tournament"

NO FACTION OR DEADSPACE MODS ALLOWED. T2 rigs are allowed but you must sent me an additional 5M per T2 rig fitted to your ship.

You must use the same vessel throughout the entire tournament.

Faction ammo is allowed, but not faction cap boosters.

All pilots will be in the same fleet to prevent gangboosting alts etc.

You must remain within 50km of the stationary referee otherwise you will be disqualified. If you warp off, you will (obviously) be disqualified.

Podding someone is not allowed.

If the match takes longer than 10 minutes, I will shrink the arena size by 10km for every minute beyond the 10th. If there is no clear winner by the 14th minute then both pilots will be knocked out.

ECM drones and modules are not allowed.

Boosters are not allowed, but pirate implants are allowed, as well as any hardwirings.

Instructions will be given verbally, over Tusker Ventrilo where there will be a special Ventrilo channel for the tournament.

Ventrilo Details:

Hostname IP:

Port Number: 3840

Password: walrus

Note: Ventrilo details may be changed due to a possible Ventrilo server change. If they are, new Ventrilo details will be posted.


1st Place - 100M cash prize + faction Cruiser of your choice. Choice may be limited depending on how many people sign up (more people -> Navy/Pirate Cruisers, less people -> Navy Cruisers only)

2nd Place - 50M cash prize + faction Frigate of your choice. Choice may be limited depending on how many people sign up (more people -> Navy/Pirate Frigate, less people -> Navy Frigates only)

3rd Place - 20M cash prize + you can salvage the field.

Feel free to enter guys! More people -> more fun! Also, donations to the prizes will be appreciated. If you wish to donate, send me an email to the address below and I'll get back to you.

Prizes will be contracted to the winners in either Dodixie or Jita.

If you need help setting up your frigate in Hevrice, I can purchase it for you in Dodixie and haul it to Hevrice if you sent me the ISK before I purchase it. Cost will be that of lowest sell orders.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at as I will be unable to log onto Eve for the next two weeks. If you don't mind asking it publicly, reply to this blogpost and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

Alternatively you can register an account on the Tusker Forums here and send me an Private Message (Username - Suleiman Shouaa).

Thursday 26 August 2010

Slicer Fun - Part 1

I have recently taken to flying more nano-ships, retiring my larger ships and instead focusing my efforts on my Imperial Navy Slicer as well as my Omen Navy Issue. The following two blogposts will contain my adventures one night in my Slicer.

Whilst on a brief tour of systems near Hevrice in my Slicer, I spotted an Ishkur on directional scan in the system of Adirian. Narrowing it down manually, it was clear the ship was in a asteroid belt. An Ishkur is a state of the art Assault Frigate, armed with fearsome hybrid weaponry as well as flights of light drones, both of which could be lethal to my ship if left alone.

Warping to the Asteroid Belt at range in order to ensure that I did not land on the Ishkur, the assault frigate was a mere 30km from me. The pilot was unknown to me, but his allegiance was as plain as day, being a member of the Rough Neck Alliance, famous around these parts as the de facto overlords of Adirian and neighboring low sec systems, meaning reinforcements were likely.

The Ishkur, renowned as an excellent and versatile assault frigate
Keeping this in mind, I overheated my warp disruptor and settled into an tight orbit of 25km around his ship with my microwarpdrive on, staying well out of his range to see what his response would be. He released a flight of drones, whilst at the same time a Sleipnir pilotted by his corpmate landed, another state of the art ship, this one however of a much larger size and capable of shredding me to pieces if he got within 30km of me, which was a problem as my range of my lasers is only 24km.

A plan formed: judging by their velocities, the Ishkur was fitted with a MWD, allowing him extreme speed but at the penalty of his capacitor. Even with the MWD fitted however, I still had a speed advantage on him which I could exploit.

I began drawing the Ishkur away from his corpmate. Slowly, I inticed him towards me, keeping his mind away from sticking with his buddy. At the same time, I called for help over comms in order to deal with the Sleipnir once the Ishkur was brought down. Two corpmates responded, Commoner in another Slicer was first on the scene. When he entered local, the Sleipnir disengaged to our regret.

With both of us firing on the Ishkur, he began burning away at full speed hoping to get away. We gave pursuit, and took him down just as my second corpmate Kishin Hattori landed in his throwaway Rifter designed to suicide tackle.

In our haste to keep up with the Ishkur, both me and Commoner forgot to stop moving, and the pod made it to safety. As the loot was in the process of being collected, a Jaguar flown by the Sleipnir pilot landed in the belt. The Jaguar is a very fearsome Assault Frigate, another close range brawler.

However, with all three of us in the belt his fate was clear. Held in place by Kishin's Rifter, the long range lasers from the Slicers chewed through him in no time and he exploded also.
At this point, we went out seperate ways, with me checking out Lisbaetanne, home of Hellfleet, a fairly well known pirate alliance founded by Mynxee. Once nomadic and actively roaming, nowadays they prefer to gatecamp a high security entrance stargate, picking off those who enter their domain.

Typically, there are two possible scenarios when you enter Lisbaetanne, either there are large ships on scan capable of tanking sentry guns camping the stargate, or there is nothing on scan at all, with everyone being docked.

However, this time was different and several frigates were on scan, as well as a Blackbird and Rupture. Attempting to narrow them down took several seconds, but I quickly determined that they were in a safespot. What's more, there were several frigate wrecks there also. Judging by their names, Hellfleet were having a frigate tournament and the Tuskers weren't invited!

The Blackbird, capable of neutralizing several threats at the same time through the use of its jammers
 This would not stand, so a quick chat on comms later, we were ready to rock and roll. Kishin had reshipped to his own Slicer so we had 3 Slicers vs 2 Cruisers + 3-4 Frigates. This would be interesting, especially given their Ewar superiority with the Blackbird. Scouting out their location with my Covert Ops alt, I determined the Blackbird was roughly 50km away from the pack who were clustered around a jetcan, obviously using it as their arena marker.

As this was going on, the following broke out in local:

[ 20:32:41 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Lisbaetanne Local Channel
[ 20:33:22 ] arcyaxiom > [20:33:04] eviwyn > hey ***** you dirthy lurker!! whats up!!?
[ 20:33:30 ] arcyaxiom > ^^^ she can't talk in local, so asked me to tell you this
[ 20:35:23 ] arcyaxiom > and you're a dirthy prober too
[ 20:41:14 ] Xeross155 > even go as far to use sisters probes, hmm determination
[ 20:42:11 ] Xeross155 > cant touch this

Immediately followed by this. As we shredded their Blackbird to pieces, the rest of their fleet just docked up. We also managed to pod the fellow also. As we gathered the loot from the untouched wrecks on the field, we hoped they would come back to avenge their corpmate. Unfortunately, they remained docked, in awe of the sheer power of 3 Slicers.

Frigate tournament winners - Imperial Navy Slicers
 On our way out, a Megathron appeared on D-scan and was narrowed down to the cosmic beacon, ratting away. Warping in as one, we dispatched him fairly quickly and then podded him for good measure. Funny enough, during the fight we saw Hellfleet members undocking and then re-docking. Again, we prepared for a rematch but the majority of them stayed docked.

[ 20:54:00 ] Suleiman Shouaa > gf
[ 20:54:02 ] Commoner > gf
[ 20:54:03 ] Kishin Hattori > gf
[ 20:54:12 ] Xeross155 > who'd you kill
[ 20:54:43 ] Commoner > IBaz
[ 20:54:47 ] Commoner > in a mega =)
[ 20:54:58 ] Commoner > very n00b fit
[ 20:55:50 ] Suleiman Shouaa >
[ 20:55:52 ] Suleiman Shouaa > Take care.
[ 20:56:52 ] Montague Summers > omg
[ 20:57:05 ] Montague Summers > what is that a speed tank?
[ 20:57:08 ] Montague Summers > lol

We split it up once again, with me nabbing a Faction Warfare Manticore attempting to do a mission on the way back to Hevrice. Interesting choice of cloak.

After entering Hevrice, I docked in my station and went afk for an hour or so. The second part of my tale continues on from this point at another time.