Friday 24 September 2010

Assault Frigate Tournament - Fittings!

Below is a list of participants for the Assault Frigate Tournament, along with their fittings. The progression of each participant will be shown in the next blog post.
  1. Tsubutai - Ishkur 
  2. Golden Helmet - Vengeance
  3. Kazaji - Retribution
  4. RichardCypherr - Jaguar
  5. SuperMaugen - Ishkur 
  6. CLETIS TEE - Ishkur 
  7. Cyber Ten - Retribution
  8. Lachesis VII - Retribution 
  9. Sintei Ruhl - Wolf
  10. Causticum - Jaguar
  11. Bourreau - Wolf
  12. Htrag - Harpy
  13. Platypus King - Jaguar 
  14. Zombiedeadhead (Stand in for Xydros) - Wolf 
  15. IEATCRAYONS - Hawk 
  16. Trony -Wolf 
  17. Jaxley - Enyo 
  18. Tressin Khiyne - Wolf 
  19. Ilik Tanikalot - Enyo 
  20. von Diel - Ishkur 
  21. SolusLunes - Vengeance
  22. Andrea Skye -Retribution 
  23. ItsmeHck1 - Ishkur 
  24. Dotard - Wolf
Interesting fact is that all 8 Assault Frigates were present. I did not expect to see so many Retributions and Wolfs. I guess people thought that their main weakness (lack of mids) is not that big in a Tournament where you do not need to keep someone warp scrambled. Ishkurs are unsurprisingly popular, the combination of the large drone bay and amble mid slots means that you can play around with their fittings quite freely.

Another interesting fact is that 3 of the top 4 players were flying Retributions, with the winner flying a Wolf.
Pretty graph!

Wednesday 22 September 2010


Quick update on the recordings for the Assault Frigate tournament:

I've finished editing the audio, now I just need to sync it with the videos before I upload them to YouTube. Much thanks goes to Avan Sercedos, an Ex-Tusker who helped me commentate as well as recording Ventrilo, as well as ItsmeHck1 for frapsing the tournament.

I expect the videos to be uploaded on Friday.

In addition, the prizes for the tournament have now all been contracted to the winners. If you have not received your prize(s) yet, feel free to send me an Evemail.

Also, the new expansion has been announced by CCP titled Incursion

Nothing particularly interesting to a low sec pirate such as myself, but check it out!

Sunday 19 September 2010

Assault Frigate Tournament - Winners!

Tournament is over, and the winners are:

1st Place - Trony (Wolf) of the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve. He also has the choice of either a Domination Warp Disruptor or a Domination Warp Scrambler, courtesy of Vsmit

2nd Place - Lachesis VII (Retribution) of the Python Cartel

3rd Place - Andrea Skye (Retribution) of the Python Cartel

Secret Prize #1 - Bourreau of the Tuskers, for the most gank orientated fit, with just a Damage Control and a Medium Shield Extender for a tank on his Wolf.

Secret Prize #2 - Causticum of the Tuskers for the youngest player to win a match, which he did by beating Sintei Ruhl's Wolf in his Jaguar.

Secret Prize #3 - Lachesis VII of the Python Cartel for actually properly using a Retribution, winning his matches through careful kiting.

Secret Prize #4IEATCRAYONS of the Python Cartel, for the most interesting fit, using a Medium Shield Booster as well as Rocket Launchers on his Hawk.

Most Original Setup - Golden Helmet of the Python Cartel, for his active tanked Vengeance with a MWD as well as 2 Energy Neutralizers.

The prizes will be contracted to the winners in the next 48 hours.

Each fight was frapsed as well as Ventrilo being recorded. Expect to see videos and audio files in the next few days!