Friday 24 September 2010

Assault Frigate Tournament - Fittings!

Below is a list of participants for the Assault Frigate Tournament, along with their fittings. The progression of each participant will be shown in the next blog post.
  1. Tsubutai - Ishkur 
  2. Golden Helmet - Vengeance
  3. Kazaji - Retribution
  4. RichardCypherr - Jaguar
  5. SuperMaugen - Ishkur 
  6. CLETIS TEE - Ishkur 
  7. Cyber Ten - Retribution
  8. Lachesis VII - Retribution 
  9. Sintei Ruhl - Wolf
  10. Causticum - Jaguar
  11. Bourreau - Wolf
  12. Htrag - Harpy
  13. Platypus King - Jaguar 
  14. Zombiedeadhead (Stand in for Xydros) - Wolf 
  15. IEATCRAYONS - Hawk 
  16. Trony -Wolf 
  17. Jaxley - Enyo 
  18. Tressin Khiyne - Wolf 
  19. Ilik Tanikalot - Enyo 
  20. von Diel - Ishkur 
  21. SolusLunes - Vengeance
  22. Andrea Skye -Retribution 
  23. ItsmeHck1 - Ishkur 
  24. Dotard - Wolf
Interesting fact is that all 8 Assault Frigates were present. I did not expect to see so many Retributions and Wolfs. I guess people thought that their main weakness (lack of mids) is not that big in a Tournament where you do not need to keep someone warp scrambled. Ishkurs are unsurprisingly popular, the combination of the large drone bay and amble mid slots means that you can play around with their fittings quite freely.

Another interesting fact is that 3 of the top 4 players were flying Retributions, with the winner flying a Wolf.
Pretty graph!


  1. I'm very surprised such a vanilla fitting won. The rules seemed to force fighting at such close proximity that I imagined more people would fit heinous tanks, wait out the time limit, and then gank at close range.

    Basically like Golden Helmet but without the MWD and MOAR TANK

  2. Hope you have somthing like this planned to be repeated in the future. This one happened during me EVE recoup brake :-(
    Happy to see it went so well, and with some known names attending.
    Again, nice work.

  3. Why be surprised that a cookie cutter fit win?
    My fit combines decent speed, good dps with decent range and a good tank as well as some tackle. That's all that's needed in a 1v1 tournament!
    Unless you know exactly what you will be facing, it's impossible to come up with a specialised fit that will impress and win.

  4. Yup. Trony's fit was solid. My nano nano Retri had nice speed and great optimal, but not much in the way of EHP, even though I was in a Slave clone at the time. Trony wasn't hitting me very hard, but he was hitting me hard enough that eventually he was going to pop me, and well, you know how minmatar EM resists are.

    That said, if I'd fitted TII locus rigs, I think I stood a chance, since I'd have been able to get further out into Trony's falloff, but alas, I didn't have time to train Energy Wep rigging to 4 before the fight since I only decided on the Retri about 48 hours before the tournament started. I forgot about the fact that I could have had someone else rig it for me. Also, the whole fit cost me like, 20 mil, so dropping another 40 mil on rigs seemed kinda silly, given that I'm awful at flying nano and expected to die in the first round.

    My initial plan was to use a dual injected, dual rep, standard missile Vengeance with TII rep rigs and Slaves. Had something like a 350dps permatank under two small neuts. Only problem was that it also had a whopping 51dps. When I learned of the free for all round, well, a 350dps tank is great, but it's not going to save you against two AFs when you have no mobility whatsoever... and the Vengeance fit was worth about 250 million. Didn't feel like throwing that away.

    So, umm, anyone want to buy some TII Small Nanobot Accelerators?