Thursday 9 September 2010

There can be only one!

As of right now, I have recieved 23 entrance fees, meaning there is only 1 left!

That means that if you are considering entering, decide now and send in your entrance fee ASAP in order to be guaranteed a spot. 

My reasoning of choosing 24 as the cap is due to the compromise between the positives and the negatives of increasing the cap which are listed below.


  • Better prizes as more people donate and I can purchase better prizes using the entrance fees.
  • The event becomes more interesting as there will be more banter and more interaction between different corporations.


  • The tournament will take longer due to more matches.
  • Organizing the tournament increases exponentially, making sure everyone is ready to go etc.

Also note there is also a hard cap due to the Ventrilo server, currently the Tusker Ventrilo server has 35 slots.

That's all for now, once I have received the last entrance fee I will be sending out Evemails keeping people up to date with changes as well as further details.

Until next time...

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Assault Frigate Tournament - Update!

At this moment in time, I have received 14 entrance fees. There is a cap to how many people can participate, and that magic number is 24 so spend in your entrance fees sooner rather than later to guarantee your spot!

In addition, several generous players have donated to the Prize Pot the following:

1st Place100M (Nashh Kadavr)

2nd Place - 50M (Nashh Kadavr)

3rd Place - 25M (Nashh Kadavr)

Secret Prize #1 - Federation Navy Comet (Robert Mason)

Secret Prize #2 - Republic Fleet Firetail (Tressin Khiyne)

Secret Prize #3 - Imperial Navy Slicer (Purchased from funds donated by Rantuket)

Secret Prize #4 - Caldari Navy Hookbill (Purchased from funds donated by Ranktuket)

Much thanks most go to these fine gentlemen for such exquisite prizes. As a show of how much I appreciate their generosity, I am also adding in a further prize from myself.

Most Original Setup - Succubus (Suleiman Shouaa)

Don't forget about the original prizes also! As it stands right now, this is the full list of prizes.


1st Place - 200M + Faction/Pirate Cruiser of your choice

2nd Place - 100M + Faction/Pirate Frigate of your choice
3rd Place - 50M + Salvage Rights
Most original setup - Succubus
Secret Prize #1 - Federation Navy Comet
Secret Prize #2 - Republic Fleet Firetail
Secret Prize #3 - Imperial Navy Slicer
Secret Prize #4 - Caldari Navy Hookbill

Let the games begin!

In another news, I just broke 100B destroyed as a TuskerThe kill that pushed me "over the top" was killing a Russian Dramiel in my Omen Navy Issue!

Hope Incarnate, my Omen Navy Issue

Sunday 5 September 2010

Assault Frigate Love #2 - Expanded!

At this time, I have received 9 entrance fees. With the Tournament still being quite a while off (13 days and counting), I estimate that there will be at least 16 participants due to several people telling me that they will attend but not sending me the entrance fee..yet anyway.

Anyway, here are the Expanded Rules of the Assault Frigate Tournament!

General Rules about the Tournament

Before the fight:

- In order to participate in the tournament, you must have sent me your entrance fee of 10M no later than midnight Eve Time on Wednesday 15th of September.
- You must be docked in Hevrice V station at 19:00 Eve Time on Saturday 18th of September.
- You must be logged into Tusker Ventrilo at 19:00 Eve Time on Saturday 18th of September as instructions will be given verbally. Having your microphone plugged in and switched on is not a necessity, but is a big plus. Ventrilo details are given towards the end of this post.

- Your assault frigate must be combat ready by 19:00 Eve Time on Saturday 18th of September. Your AF must abide to the rules listed below.

- You must be in my fleet by 19:00 Eve Time on Saturday 18th of September.

- When your name is called out, you must proceed to undock, warp to a random celestial of your choice and then warp to the referee at a range of your choice, up to 50km. Once you land, you must not move until the match is underway.

- If the station is being camped, an instant-undock will be provided to you. Warp to it, then warp to a random celestial of your choice and then warp to the referee at a range of your choice, up to 50km. Once you land, you must not move until the match is underway.

- A countdown to the match will be given both verbally over Ventrilo as well as in Fleet chat. Once the countdown finishes, the match is underway!

During the Fight:

- The match lasts 10 minutes.

- You must stay within 50km of the referee at all times otherwise you will be disqualified and considered KO'd.

- Dropping a jetcan during the fight is not allowed.

- If a winner has not been decided by the 10th minute, the radius of the arena will shrink by 10km every minute beyond the 9th minute. A warning will be given, both verbally on Ventrilo and also in Fleet chat.

- If a winner still has not been decided by the 14th minute, both pilots will be knocked out.

- You are not permitted to podkill your opponent.

After the Fight: 
- Once the match is over, the winner is declared, who is allowed to loot the loser's wreck.

- Immediately afterwards, the winner must dock back at Hevrice V station until his name is called out again. This time allows you to restock up on ammunition, cap boosters and drones as well as use the station repair service.

- Please note that this is a single-elimination tournament so if you lose one match, you are knocked out of the tournament.

- The loser must also dock up in Hevrice V station.

Rules about Fitting your Assault Frigates

- Meta 0 to Meta 5 modules are allowed to be fitted to your Assault Frigate. Typically, Meta 5 modules are T2 versions so T2 guns etc. are allowed.

- This means that Deadspace and Faction modules are not allowed.

- T2 rigs are allowed but an additional 5M per T2 rig fitted to your ship must be sent to Suleiman Shouaa as part of your entrance fee. 

- Combat Boosters are not allowed. 

- Hardwirings are allowed, as well as any pirate implants.

- Faction ammunition is allowed, as well as faction cap booster charges. T2 ammunition is also allowed.

- ECM is not allowed, including but not limited to ECM Drones.

- You must use the same vessel for each of your fights, with no chances to fitting between each match.

- You are allowed to change your drones between each match as they are not considered part of your "fitting".

Ventrilo Details and Rules:


Hostname IP:
Port Number: 3840
Password: walrus
Ventrilo Rules:

There will be a special Ventrilo channel for the Assault Frigate tournament. Guests should be able to move themselves to this channel, if not tell Suleiman Shouaa ingame and I will move you myself.

You are free to talk amongst yourselves, but when I speak everyone else will be muted. I will go over the rules before the Tournament starts.

During each match, the referee will attempt to commentate on the match.

Banter is allowed and encouraged!


1st Place - 100M cash prize + faction Cruiser of your choice. Choice may be limited depending on how many people sign up (more people -> Navy/Pirate Cruisers, less people -> Navy Cruisers only)

2nd Place - 50M cash prize + faction Frigate of your choice. Choice may be limited depending on how many people sign up (more people -> Navy/Pirate Frigate, less people -> Navy Frigates only)

3rd Place - 20M cash prize + you can salvage the field.


The referee's decision is final. Backchat will not be tolerated.

Each match will be recorded. Once suitably edited, each match will be uploaded to and links to the channel given to each participant.

If you need to pull out of the Tournament, in order for your entrance fee to be refunded you must give me 24 hours notice prior to the Tournament beginning.
Spread the word! The more people we have participating, the better the prizes and the better the atmosphere!

Donations to the prize pot will always be welcome!

Disclaimer: If you break any of the rules listed above or conduct yourself in an inappropriate way, I reserve the right to remove you from the Tournament fixture and not refund you your entrance fee. 

Have fun guys!