Tuesday 7 September 2010

Assault Frigate Tournament - Update!

At this moment in time, I have received 14 entrance fees. There is a cap to how many people can participate, and that magic number is 24 so spend in your entrance fees sooner rather than later to guarantee your spot!

In addition, several generous players have donated to the Prize Pot the following:

1st Place100M (Nashh Kadavr)

2nd Place - 50M (Nashh Kadavr)

3rd Place - 25M (Nashh Kadavr)

Secret Prize #1 - Federation Navy Comet (Robert Mason)

Secret Prize #2 - Republic Fleet Firetail (Tressin Khiyne)

Secret Prize #3 - Imperial Navy Slicer (Purchased from funds donated by Rantuket)

Secret Prize #4 - Caldari Navy Hookbill (Purchased from funds donated by Ranktuket)

Much thanks most go to these fine gentlemen for such exquisite prizes. As a show of how much I appreciate their generosity, I am also adding in a further prize from myself.

Most Original Setup - Succubus (Suleiman Shouaa)

Don't forget about the original prizes also! As it stands right now, this is the full list of prizes.


1st Place - 200M + Faction/Pirate Cruiser of your choice

2nd Place - 100M + Faction/Pirate Frigate of your choice
3rd Place - 50M + Salvage Rights
Most original setup - Succubus
Secret Prize #1 - Federation Navy Comet
Secret Prize #2 - Republic Fleet Firetail
Secret Prize #3 - Imperial Navy Slicer
Secret Prize #4 - Caldari Navy Hookbill

Let the games begin!

In another news, I just broke 100B destroyed as a TuskerThe kill that pushed me "over the top" was killing a Russian Dramiel in my Omen Navy Issue!

Hope Incarnate, my Omen Navy Issue


  1. I hope the tourney is a great success, good luck to all the entrants and congrats on the 100Bil in damages! That is quiet a milestone.

  2. 4 slots left.

    If you're going to send me your entrance fee be advised you may not get a slot.

    If you do not get a slot, I will refund you your ISK back ASAP.

  3. Just so you know, 24 players is going to create a slightly odd tournament structure. See:


    8 people are going to get free passes to round 2. Not sure how to work that out without showing favoritism.

    Also, is there going to be any consideration for ship type matching, or corp matching, to make the fights interesting, or is it going to be totally random?

  4. My tournament structure will be different, everyone will play the same number of matches to get to the final.

    As for matchings, that's a secret :)

  5. Hmm, I'm guessing here, but havent more than 24 people entered? Any plans to increase the limit?

    Its your show and whatever you say goes, I just think that more people = more fun :D

  6. I trust that you have it all in hand. My ship is ready to go, and I've laid in ammo and supplies in Hevrice.

    See you guys there. :D