Thursday 9 September 2010

There can be only one!

As of right now, I have recieved 23 entrance fees, meaning there is only 1 left!

That means that if you are considering entering, decide now and send in your entrance fee ASAP in order to be guaranteed a spot. 

My reasoning of choosing 24 as the cap is due to the compromise between the positives and the negatives of increasing the cap which are listed below.


  • Better prizes as more people donate and I can purchase better prizes using the entrance fees.
  • The event becomes more interesting as there will be more banter and more interaction between different corporations.


  • The tournament will take longer due to more matches.
  • Organizing the tournament increases exponentially, making sure everyone is ready to go etc.

Also note there is also a hard cap due to the Ventrilo server, currently the Tusker Ventrilo server has 35 slots.

That's all for now, once I have received the last entrance fee I will be sending out Evemails keeping people up to date with changes as well as further details.

Until next time...