Tuesday 14 September 2010

Assault Frigate Tournament - Lineup announced!

So here it is, the 24 pilots who will be battling for the prizes!

 The awesome design above has been done by Tressin Khiyne.

To become the champion, you must win a 1v1, then come out on top of a 3 man FFA. Finally, you must progress through the semi finals and then win the final to be crowned Assault Frigate champion!

The two losers from the semi finals will face each other to determine who will be 3rd and who will be 4th.

The Prizes will be contracted to the winners within 48 hours of the tournament concluding and they are still building up.

Let the games begin!

P.S. Can participants please Evemail me their setups ASAP so I can produce pretty graphs of modules, ships, weapons used etc.


  1. Oh boy. Let me redesign my fit now. >_< Glad I hadn't installed my TII rigs yet.

  2. Hmm, i dont like the 3 for all thing. If two pilots from the same corp go through, then its almost certian they are going to team up with each other.

    which is lame.

    But whatever, ill be there.

  3. And are you going to post the fits before the tourny starts or when it ends? :P

  4. When it ends.

    The FFA means everyone has to play the same number of matches to get to the final, as well as "penalizing" very tanked setups, which won't stand up to 2v1.

    Also, if people in the same corporation team up, then they will eventually have to fight each other and there is no prize in getting to the semis :)

  5. Will be cheering on my old mucker Bourreau . . . and Ilik.

    Good luck to everyone though.


  6. Looks cool, will someone be recording the event? Would love to see a video at the end of this if possible.

  7. Ye I tried to remember yours from member Bourreau. Only realised when I tried to send you an Evemail and it wouldn't recognise your name.

    Event should be recorded and each match posted on YouTube.