Saturday, 28 August 2010

Assault Frigate Love!

Been planning an Frigate tournament for some time, and I finally have the time to set it up etc. To make it more interesting, this will be an Assault Frigate tournament.


Location: Hevrice

Date: 18th September 2010 

Time: 19:00 Eve Time

Ships: Assault Frigates

This will be a single-elimination tournament where each match will have a 1v1 between two players, both of them in assault frigates. The winner of each match gets to loot the loser's wreck.

Entry fee -> 10M per player sent to Suleiman Shouaa. Set reason to "Assault Frigate Tournament"

NO FACTION OR DEADSPACE MODS ALLOWED. T2 rigs are allowed but you must sent me an additional 5M per T2 rig fitted to your ship.

You must use the same vessel throughout the entire tournament.

Faction ammo is allowed, but not faction cap boosters.

All pilots will be in the same fleet to prevent gangboosting alts etc.

You must remain within 50km of the stationary referee otherwise you will be disqualified. If you warp off, you will (obviously) be disqualified.

Podding someone is not allowed.

If the match takes longer than 10 minutes, I will shrink the arena size by 10km for every minute beyond the 10th. If there is no clear winner by the 14th minute then both pilots will be knocked out.

ECM drones and modules are not allowed.

Boosters are not allowed, but pirate implants are allowed, as well as any hardwirings.

Instructions will be given verbally, over Tusker Ventrilo where there will be a special Ventrilo channel for the tournament.

Ventrilo Details:

Hostname IP:

Port Number: 3840

Password: walrus

Note: Ventrilo details may be changed due to a possible Ventrilo server change. If they are, new Ventrilo details will be posted.


1st Place - 100M cash prize + faction Cruiser of your choice. Choice may be limited depending on how many people sign up (more people -> Navy/Pirate Cruisers, less people -> Navy Cruisers only)

2nd Place - 50M cash prize + faction Frigate of your choice. Choice may be limited depending on how many people sign up (more people -> Navy/Pirate Frigate, less people -> Navy Frigates only)

3rd Place - 20M cash prize + you can salvage the field.

Feel free to enter guys! More people -> more fun! Also, donations to the prizes will be appreciated. If you wish to donate, send me an email to the address below and I'll get back to you.

Prizes will be contracted to the winners in either Dodixie or Jita.

If you need help setting up your frigate in Hevrice, I can purchase it for you in Dodixie and haul it to Hevrice if you sent me the ISK before I purchase it. Cost will be that of lowest sell orders.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at as I will be unable to log onto Eve for the next two weeks. If you don't mind asking it publicly, reply to this blogpost and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

Alternatively you can register an account on the Tusker Forums here and send me an Private Message (Username - Suleiman Shouaa).


  1. Ok, I think I might know the answer to this but just to get it answered publicly:

    How do I know this isn't some elaborate scam, attempt to gank me, plot to steal my underwear or any other nefarious purpose?

  2. Eve Rule #1 - Trust no-one!

    On a more serious note, if I wanted to steal your underwear, I am pretty sure there are better choices in your alliance who would more appreciative of my efforts.

    P.S. The Evemail I sent to you was directed to Hellfleet, not specifically to Hellhounds.

  3. I love Assault Frigates and the idea of a 1v1 tourney! Will happily throw 50mil into the prize pool and try to get the word out a bit more.

  4. Cheers, send the ISK to "Suleiman Shouaa" ingame with the reason "Assault Frigate Prize Pot Donation".

    And thanks for spreading the word, Frigates are fun. :)

  5. I have a quick question: In the case of Ishkurs, can Drones be switched out inbetween matches, or are you stuck with what you bring in your drone bay?

    I'll definitely be there either way. Looking forward to it :D

  6. You can change Drones between fights as they are not part of your "fit". Basically anything I can ship/cargo scan is part of your fit, the rest you can change as you like.

    Sounds good :)

  7. What about resupplying ammo, etc, between fights? Obviously not changing any modules, but if a fight drags out and you run out of ammo in your second match, it would kind of be incredibly lame. Could be a serious problem for blaster and rocket boats, especially. A Harpy can chew through a few thousand rounds of Antimatter pretty quick.

    Anyway, The Python Cartel will see you there. :)

  8. Another thing id like to ask, what about named modules?

    or storyline modules?

  9. Meta1 - Meta5 allowed, nothing above meta5 (which is t2) so it rules out storyline items.

    You can resupply between fights. Since you will be docked in Tusker HQ (Hevrice V station) there should be a ton of ammunition and drones available, both on the market & players' hangars.

    Sweet, should be fun :)

  10. Sent my isk in and poking the rest of HellFleet to do the same. If a piece of business goes off correctly, I'll have some isk to chuck into the prize pot also.

  11. Cheers von, I need those ISK entry fees ASAP so I get a better idea of how many people are going to attend.

    Also any donations to the prize pot are welcome, big or small!

  12. Hey Suleiman, great idea putting this together. Two important things to think about:

    1) Rules of Engagement, regarding 'Start of Duel'. (a) Do you go for a, combatants must be within 10km of can and then 'go' (b) follow AT8 system, i.e. combatants warp in from different planets towards can, at a distance of their choice, max 25km. (your arena is 50km, right?)

    This will have a fairly profound effect on fittings. One rule favors close fit ships, skipping ABs and points for excess tank and the other, favors MWD kite fits. Please take a call and let everyone know.

    (b) System security during the tournament - whats stopping russian/FW/Veto/CryHavoc/ADVD/DDD blobs from jumping on your party, since the event, time and place is publicly known - worse, camping top station in Hevrice.

    Things to think about,


  13. 1) Combatants get called out one by one to undock, warp to a celestial of their choice and then warp to me at a range of their choice (up to 50km).

    2) Honestly, hotdropping a bunch of Assault Frigates would be laughable. Russians would be interesting, Faction Warfare have their own problems, Veto are invited, CH have caps to kill and I have no idea who ADVD/DDD are.

    Also, Hevrice V station is almost impossible to camp due to the huge docking radius and the multitude of instant-undocks we have. Don't underestimate the fact we'll all be in frigates.

    More indepth instructions will be coming in a future blogpost which I expect to have posted by the end of this coming weekend.

    P.S. Are you attending?