Friday 30 July 2010


In my last post, I told the story of an interesting engagement with Advocated Destruction. In case you missed it, the post can be found here.

As I mentioned at the end of the post, Advocated Destruction made some mistakes which led to them losing this particular engagement. These can be broken down into two types of mistakes: 

1) Mistakes they made before the fight


2) Mistakes they made during the fight

Now, the specific examples.

Mistakes they made before the fight

1) They were using the wrong bait ship. Their Muninn turned out to be Artillery fit with no tank fitted, along with no form of warp disruption module. The ideal bait ship to use in their gang was their Harbinger: it had the biggest tank and it is suited for fighting in 0-20km (Warp Disruption range) whilst their Muninn is suited to fighting at long range (50-70km), well outside point range.

2) Their bait was not properly setup. Their Falcon should have been 70km from the Muninn so that it would take longer to burn towards it.

3) Their backup (Curse and Harbinger) was not aligned to the asteroid belt: if they were they should have arrived before my gang (0.1AU warp vs 20-25AU warp)

4) They did not use Intel they had gathered during the initial fight. Their Falcon had the wrong jammers fitted, if he had gone with all Minmatar Jammers we would have been in serious trouble. Instead he went with a Multispectral Jammer.

Mistakes they made during the fight

1) They called me primary (rightly so) but did not point me. Therefore, I was able to warp off and come back into the fight.

2) Their Harbinger did not attempt to tackle our Cyclone, preferring to move away from the action. If they had held our Cyclone in place, most of the DPS that went onto their Falcon would have been averted.

3) They primaried a Rifter after I left the field. They should have primaried our Shield Rupture, against a Curse and Harbinger he would not have lasted long and we would lose a considerable amount of DPS (~400)

4) They jammed the wrong targets. Even using off-racial jammers, a Falcon can easily jam my Jaguar, Borreau's Wolf and our Rifter at the same time. With the Cyclone being held in place by the Harbinger and our Rupture being torn a new one, we would have major difficulties applying enough DPS to threaten their ships in time.

5) Their Falcon never used his MWD once we were moving towards him, nor did he attempt to warp off.

6) Their Harbinger never pursued us after we gave chase to their Falcon, in the end he ended up 70km away from the Curse. Therefore, bad piloting.

In order to balance this engagement, I shall list the mistakes we made during the course of this engagement.

1) I should not have tackled alone knowing they had a Falcon. I should have brought the Rifter with me at the least.

2) My gang should have been in a safe spot closer to the Asteroid Belt, preferably within 4 AU.

3) Comically, I found out afterwards that my Medium Shield Extender II was offlined during the fight, therefore accounting for the beating I took from drones etc. The reason it was offlined: I had fully repaired all my modules in a station, but the heat damage to my scrambler and web was considerable (80% and 90%) therefore my Medium Shield Extender II was offlined.

My next post will be about an interesting (& expensive) gank in a wormhole the Tuskers recently did.

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