Thursday 19 August 2010

My Dream Ships

It seems that fellow blogger Astrid Dominix has asked his fellow bloggers what their dream ships are in New Eden. Now before I reveal my two choices, I feel an honorary mention must go to my favorite ship, the dreaded Curse:

Many have fallen to this ship, their capacitor shattered as flights of drones work their magic

Whilst this would normally be on the list, I already own one and have it lying around in my Hangar waiting until my Spaceship Command and support skills can do the ship justice!
Now, onto my real dream ships.

#2 - The fearsome Ashimmu. Having recently sold one, I had a chance to see the ship ingame. Very sleek indeed! With a bonus to stasis webifier effectiveness and energy neutraliser, this ship is a formidable "lock down" ship, limiting what the enemy fleet is capable of doing.

Feared by both children and capsuleers, the bringer of things worse than death itself

#1 - Armageddon Navy Issue. Having flown the Tier 1 hull varient, I have come to appreciate the sheer damage it can put down.

 Commanding one is among the greatest honors one can attain in the Amarr Empire, and suffering the fury of its turret batteries is surely the fastest way to reunite with the void.

My only problems with the Armageddon are:
  • The restrictive Dronebay. You can go either with a full set of Heavy or Sentry Drones for maximum damage, however then you have no drones that can chase down interceptors.
  • The incredibly tight fittings on the ship, forcing you to have to make compromises with the utility high and medium slots.
  • The lack of medium slots, 3 is pushing it with a Battleship in low sec. 
Thankfully, the Armageddon Navy Issue solves all three of these problems making it in my eyes, my dream ship.

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  1. I had an ashimmu, lovely ship, until some of my corpmates told me they needed my 90% web on a gate to catch something.

    Then, Cry Havoc titan bridged a BS gang on me. Serves me right for caving in and not roaming :(