Friday 15 October 2010

Status - Elite

For many, becoming "Elite" at a video game is one of their goals. In Eve Online, with so many metrics one can be measured upon to judge one's success, it is tricky to say when one has finally reached this level.

However, I believe I have finally become "Elite". You don't believe me? Look below.

From The Tusker Killboard, found here
 The sigificance of the number 1337? Urban Dictionary is your friend.

The journey has been long, the fights interesting and the action non-stop! My final kill was soloing this fail-fit Dominix class Battleship in my Abaddon class Battleship, affectionately nicknamed Rend. Whilst the fight and the kill were unremarkable except for the fact that I destroyed the vessel before its pilot managed to get it into warp, my 1335 & 1336 kills as a Tusker were marvelous but that is a story for another time.

I have also submitted the Dominix killmail for Ga'len's Fail Mail Friday on his blog. Fingers crossed, it might win this week's contest.

Expect more posts in the coming weeks, I've got a host of stories to tell.