Wednesday 5 January 2011

Weekend Break - End

Logging back on later in the day in Asakai, I made my way towards Ishomilken. The path forward was clear and no time at all I was in my destination system. I could immediately see a few members of Python and Fla5hy Red in local, but they appeared to be docked and AFK.

Using the time to send my alt to the nearest trade hub to pick up a Crusader in case I needed something a little quicker, I docked my main up in one of the several stations in system. Once my alt returned, he noticed a neutral Drake on the high security gate just sitting there. Warping my main there at range, I started investigating. It was clear however that he wouldn't engage me, even when I closed range. Pondering on what to do, another neutral Drake jumped in.

Figuring I might actually get a fight, I moved in even closer to them, practically hugging the stargate. A Fla5hy Red Hurricane landed 20km off me and started firing on me. Burning off, I warped off and then warped back in at range to witness a Drake firing on the Hurricane.

A few seconds after I landed, the rest of the Hurricane's gang warped in, a Macheriel and a Megathron whilst a Python Pilgrim simultaneously decloaked. Shortly afterwards, the Drake was dead whilst I opened up on the Pilgrim. The other Drake by this point had jumped out. Unfortunately for me, the Pilgrim put his Tracking Disruptor(s) on me and I was unable to hit him.

As agile as a HAC, as much firepower as a Battleship, the Macheriel
 As the Drake popped, the pirate gang opened on me, with the Macheriel attempting to catch me. Warping off in low shields, I finally had a look at local.

[2010.11.23 17:41:33 ] pilot1975 > privet
[ 2010.11.23 17:41:44 ] Jarek Kalensa > hedge
[ 2010.11.23 17:41:46 ] pilot1975 > )
[ 2010.11.23 17:45:18 ] pilot1975 > nice
[ 2010.11.23 17:46:27 ] pilot1975 > to by continued =)
[ 2010.11.23 17:46:56 ] Piscis > get out my system
[ 2010.11.23 17:46:58 ] Piscis > fukheadf
[ 2010.11.23 17:47:09 ] pilot1975 > :))))))))
[ 2010.11.23 17:47:29 ] pilot1975 > сршлуты
[ 2010.11.23 17:47:43 ] pilot1975 > chikens
[ 2010.11.23 17:48:05 ] pilot1975 > nice ship :)))
[ 2010.11.23 17:48:50 ] Hattori Yasunaga > im 35 today and that was my first kill since returning
[ 2010.11.23 17:51:11 ] pilot1975 > see you
[ 2010.11.23 17:51:24 ] Jarek Kalensa > au revoir
[ 2010.11.23 17:54:19 ] Helicity Boson > suleiman, did you get the drake KM
[ 2010.11.23 17:54:24 ] Jarek Kalensa > lol
[ 2010.11.23 17:54:26 ] Jarek Kalensa > such a little ninja
[ 2010.11.23 17:54:36 ] Suleiman Shouaa > Nope, was aiming for you.
[ 2010.11.23 17:54:58 ] Jarek Kalensa > :)
[ 2010.11.23 17:55:01 ] Jarek Kalensa > yer so mean!
[ 2010.11.23 17:56:22 ] Helicity Boson > you have no idea how close i was to you earlier >:)
[ 2010.11.23 17:57:31 ] Suleiman Shouaa > Cool
[ 2010.11.23 17:57:48 ] Helicity Boson > but i wasnt keen on tanking harby + 2 drakes
[ 2010.11.23 17:58:17 ] Suleiman Shouaa > They weren't together.

Docking up in a different station this time, I finally figured out which station Fla5hy Red and Python are based out of. Undocking, a Abaddon and a Hyperion followed me. Pulling some range and opening up on the Hyperion, it was clear that I was barely able to break his active tank, even with the help of station guns, whilst it was also clear that the Abaddon's lasers were hitting me too hard. Warping off, I found the Fla5hy Red Hurricane still on scan but at a safe near the stargate the last fight had occured on. After a delightful game of us hunting each other at the same time, I waited at a moon. Not one to disappoint, he followed very quickly.

As he closed in on me, it was clear he was not merely shield tanked, but he was considerably faster than a normal nano shield Hurricane, hitting over 2km/s with ease, easily outpacing myself even with my MWD overheated. Considering for a moment, I swapped over to my alt and noticed that he had backup sitting on the station, two Battleships. Deciding that it was too much for me to handle, I warped off. Local erupted.

[2010.11.23 18:10:59 ] Jarek Kalensa > why so keen to run away?
[ 2010.11.23 18:11:35 ] Suleiman Shouaa > Do you solo much?
[ 2010.11.23 18:11:53 ] Jarek Kalensa > yeah, although usually in smaller ships
[ 2010.11.23 18:12:04 ] Jarek Kalensa > and yeah, i see yer point
[ 2010.11.23 18:12:04 ] Jarek Kalensa > :p
[ 2010.11.23 18:12:23 ] Suleiman Shouaa > You have LG/HG Snakes/Loki alt
[ 2010.11.23 18:12:41 ] Jarek Kalensa > nope
[ 2010.11.23 18:12:49 ] Piscis > i and u have swollen tearducts
[ 2010.11.23 18:12:53 ] Jarek Kalensa > only things in my head are plus 3s
[ 2010.11.23 18:13:00 ] Suleiman Shouaa > You preheated mids then?
[ 2010.11.23 18:13:05 ] Jarek Kalensa > ofc
[ 2010.11.23 18:13:26 ] Jarek Kalensa > standard tackling procedure :)
Halfway through, I noticed a Loki on scan. Cracking out the probes, it was clear he was unprobable. Making it even more suspicious, there were no mission rat wrecks on scan. What was he doing? After a brief pondering, it was clear he was running Warfare Links for his gang, boosting, amongst other things, their speed. A simple statement in local confirmed this

[ 2010.11.23 18:25:07 ] Suleiman Shouaa > I see your alt.
[ 2010.11.23 18:25:35 ] Jarek Kalensa > or someones. mine is in jita :p
I decided to head back to Hevrice, having spent enough time in the Mara but also due to reports that Verge Vendor was picking up again and my corpmates needed my assistance. Before I left, the Drake from earlier returned.

The way back was fairly uneventful until I reached Nisuwa, a faction warfare hotspot. Spying multiple Macheriels on scan, as well as Logistics and Recons, I decided to rush through without scouting. As I landed on my outgate, the gang was waiting. As I attempted to warp off, their Arazu pointed me. Jumping through, several Battleships as well as a Loki followed. Burning back to the gate, Artillery started hitting my Harbinger, reducing it to 1/3 shields before I could jump back into Nisuwa. Futily attempting to warp, the Arazu leisurely pointed me as their Battleships acquired a lock, reducing my Harbinger to dust.

Well, at least the route back to Hevrice got a lot simpler! Once there, several interesting targets presented themselves, warranting the need of Rend.

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