Monday 11 April 2011

AAR - Artillery Fleet

Whenever the Tuskers have a roam scheduled, standard practice is to write an After Action Report (AAR) afterwards, detailing what happened. Whilst these are typically long winded (when written by me anyway), my latest AAR is actually fairly short and thus suitable to a blog format. This has been posted elsewhere so apologies if you've already read it before, but it's a pretty good representation of what we in The Tuskers get up to on these roams.

After Action Report - Artillery Fleet 10/04/2011 - Tuskers + Friends (From Molden Heath)

We started off with a fairly large fleet, but due to the area being pretty quiet (Heretics ganked one of our Hurricanes then docked/POSed up when we came back for a fight), most of the fleet headed home/logged after killing an Amarr FW Tengu on a station in Kourmonen.

After a short break and some ship shuffling in order to keep at least 1 Rapier with us, we undocked and immediately found a fight with about 15 FW Battlecruisers + support. We popped an Omen, a Drake and a Hurricane before the rest ran away. Numbers for the battle summary aren't accurate since we only had the full fleet there when shooting the Tengu.

Chasing them into their HQ (Arzad?), they just docked up and logged so we popped a few ships that undocked, including a cyno ship or two. Setting destination to Evati, hoping to get a decent fight around there, someone mentioned that their wartargets, anti-pirates Dragoons. now live in Taff, former home of SCUM Alliance.

Setting destination there, we found 26 in local - pretty good odds for our 8 man fleet. Splitting the fleet into two, with the wartargets + my Arazu in Taff and the rest of the Tuskers in the other, holding one jump away from Taff we got to work. Unfortunately, as we were about to strike, a 3rd fleet entered the scene - The Corporation of Noble Sentiments [TORAH]. The stage now looked like:

Artillery Fleet:
2 Tempests
4 Hurricanes
1 Arazu
1 Rapier

TORAH Fleet:
1 Vigilant
3 Drakes
1 Cynabal
1 Falcon
1 Cerberus
1 Deimos

Dragoons. Fleet:
4 Drakes
1 Scimitar
1 Falcon
1 Vigil
1 Stiletto
1 Brutix
+ others

The TORAH gang warped to the gate the Tuskers were holding on, however after some back and forth movement, we all managed to get 50km off the Taff gate whilst our wartarget buddies pulled Dragoons in to us from Taff - starting the fight! At the same time, the TORAH gang landed on the gate.

Immediately we started laying into both fleets whilst burning away. However, the presence of their Scimitar made breaking their Drakes take a long, long time. At the same time though, due to our alpha we were BBQing pretty much all their light tackle, with most of our gang not getting on frigate killmails. However, concentrated missile spam + gate guns were forcing us into low shields, after popping their Cynabal, a Drake, their Vigil, one Falcon and then their Crow, we exited with no losses, repairing at a station.

For round 2, we used my Arazu as a warpin, trying to seperate the Scimitar from the rest. Unfortunately, he burnt away too quickly before we could get webs on him, whilst due to the spread of wrecks, the enemy fleets were able to warp to the wrecks at range to land ontop of us. We lost one of our Hurricanes and one of our two Tempests to this, but we managed to nab two Drakes and an Atron before exiting due to capacitor issues.

Finally, we came back in for Round 3, where most of their fleet was on the Taff gate at 0, with a few ships looting from the field of wrecks that was about 300km long. Grabbing a Tristan and a Drake forced them to come back in, during which we bloodied them by killing the Tristan, a Hurricane, a Crow and a Manticore, with the Scimitar jumping out in 80% structure, followed by their Myrmidon in 50% structure before he could burn back to the gate.

After that, I scouted their response fleet to see if we could do a Round 4, but by then they had formed up 8 Drakes, 2 Maelstroms, 1 Abaddon + 5-6 support including logistics and one of our Hurricanes had logged, so we decided to move on.

In the end, the Battlereport ended up looking like this (Manticore not shown for some reason)

8 vs 17, pretty good odds! Click to zoomn in

Some of the TORAH fleet, such as their Vigilant warped off and never made it onto any of the killmails, however it still ended up as a great engagement and definitely the kind of fights we crave here at the Tuskers - outnumbered, outgunned, fighting under sentry guns with no logistics of our own. Thanks go to friends who travelled from Molden Heath - Ariartus, Dirty Protagonist, Masty, Migrond and Wensley (who never showed!)

Note: The next few posts will be on ship fittings & solo fights where they were used. If you enjoyed this report, post in the comment section and I'll dug up a few other ones. 

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