Saturday 26 May 2012

What's in my Hangar?

My ships in Hevrice, have more elsewhere though
Starting from the top left corner, with memorable fights in them..

Ascended Champion - My nano Absolution. Finally gave in and bought a new one, fun ship to fly. Last one did this - good times.

Ballbuster - Armour Hurricane, pretty standard fit (220mm Autocannons + 2 Medium Energy Neutralisers). No great fights in it since I rarely fly it (tend to fly more specialized ships in armor gangs)

Banzai - My MWD Tackle Jaguar. Rarely use it to be honest, but nice to have against Cynabals etc. - still a Virgin.

Baseline - Standard nano Drake with dual webs. Too many great kills whilst flying a Drake to list them all.

Bastard - Meta gun RR Armageddon. Got the Hull from ransoming a Sentinel's pod after I killed him in my hawk, fit it up with spare guns/rigs. Used it in a cheapo RR BS Roam to Syndicate, was good fun.

Birthday Haiku Prize - Shield Pulse Oracle I bought (or borrowed..) from Konig for a specific roam.

Really nice DPS & range. Almost soloed a 6B Cynabal in one a few days after they were introduced, he died ~30 minutes after he fought me. Bad times :(

Bolt - Probing Anathema, got it from a ship maintenance array that I exploded in a wormhole. Never been used.

Butcher - Standard Armor Buffer Abaddon. No amazing fights in it.

Can Ya Dig It - Solo Eos, bought it for my video. Hope I will get a ~goodfite~ from it.

Claw - Tried to come up with a fit for this ship, but couldn't find one I liked. Reason? Crusader or Taranis are better in pretty much every situation.

Darkstar - Energy Neutralising Abaddon. Helped crush a fair few Carriers, was the deciding factor in this gank since both Carriers entered Triage. Funny enough my Internet went down just before it started and they couldn't break them since they entered Triage mode until I managed to log back on ^^

Deliverance - Armor Rapier, used for Armor gangs (durh). Haven't had a chance to test it out yet.

Deliverance - Armor Deimos, used in HAC gangs. Haven't used it yet since I tend to fly Ashimmu/Oneiros/Vigilant and lend this ship out to lazy people. Was used in the fight vs BYDI., flown by the guy recording it IIRC.

Devestate - Solo Coercer, no point. Fun ship.

DEVIL - Tackle Purifier. Have yet to train Torpedoes up, despite having maxed missile support skills.
Unassembled Drake - Spare one I bought.

Dramiel - Spare one I bought for Dramiel roams (before they got nerfed, yay for that \o/)

Echelon - Never used.

Ello - Suicide Artillery Thrasher for Hulk-busting, although we've killed Orcas & Faction BS in them before.
EN-YO FACE - Recently trained Gallente Frigate V recently, bought this off someone ages ago. Rarely fly it since Enyo is so bad vs other Assault Frigates (very poor damage types + high expectations from others)

Everstar - 800mm plate Guardian. We don't use Logi much so haven't settled on 800mm vs 1600mm plate Guardians. Thoughts?

Extending Invitation - Shield Lachesis for when we roam with Scimitars in large gangs. Has a Capacitor Battery for practical perma-running MWD capabilities.

Fear Me - Devoter for wormhole ganks with armor ships mostly. Rarely used.

Glorious Anthem - Standard Armor Buffer fit, albeit with much better range to deal with enemy recons. Nice role though, which is a shame.

Half Done - Half fitted AB Vengeance for low sec shenanigans.

Halfway there - Will be an solo Sacrilege, but still training T2 HAMs so it's only half fitted.

Harbinger - Spare.

Hunter - Armor HAC Zealot (only MWD). Rarely use it since I tend to fly more specialized ships rather than just DPS.

Hunter Killer - Solo low sec AB Comet with Blasters. Rarely use it though..

Hurricanes - Spares

I hope you recognise - Shield small gang Curse. Broke a Macheriel's active tank pretty fast.

Imperial - Slicer I was given. Don't like the fit since it has too little gank. Will refit ~soon~.

Imperial Navy Slicer - Spare one.

Invoke Passion - Replacement Sleipnir after I lost the lost one in a ~goodfite~. Going to buy a Tengu

Booster + Crystals before I use it again though - tank is a bit meh without them. Got an interesting fit in mind to use due to the new shield boosters, will see how it goes!

Iterons - Holding them for my alt (at least I hope so)

Jack the Ripper - Shield Buffer AC Thrasher I believe. Rarely fly it because I hate falloff.

Justice - Shield Harbinger, still my most flown ship apparently (cloaked in ~1200 kills with it). Rarely fly it nowadays since it lacks the tank of a Drake and the gank of the Oracle.

Justice Paradox - Shield Talos. Fun ship, lost my last few ones due to being ~superbad~. Only great fight has been this one. Only one of their Drakes got away \o/ - Wish I recorded this one, was super cool weaving in and out keeping points and burning for JUSTICE once they swapped to me.

Keep @ 30km - Super sekret fit. Untested on the field, will change soon I hope.

Kin/Therm - Nano Drake with TD/Web in the spare mids (at least for now since I swap fittings depending on the situation). Is more gank orientated than the others though, but a touch slower and with a weaker tank.

Kin/Therm - Bearing Ishtar for plex running. Nowadays I run them in Drake (with alt) + Talos (on main) so will probably re-rig for PvP. Might do Shield tank since you can get ~860 DPS with heat from one. Should be ~goodtimes~.

kiter - Armor SFI. Used to be dual rep fit, but I hated the tank so rerigged it for buffer tank for HAC fleets. Ghetto version of the Vagabond mentioned previously basically.

Laz0r Fury - Solo Retribution. Got the gist of the fit from a corpmate, but will re-rig it from dual Locus rigs once I get Assault Frigate V.

Lighter - Cheapo Bellicose, used in T1 Cruiser X-mas roam where we got some very amusing kills. I managed to loot the Loki loot from the second fight, got tackled by their Proteus so jetcanned it ~10km from the stargate and managed to warp off after bookmarking the container. A minute later, I warped back in, grabbed the loot and managed to jump out before their gang could kill me (check related kills for their gang composition). Winning \o/

Limiter - Solo Hookbill fit. After the Assault Frigate buff, I just fly the Hawk which has more gank & tank, but is slower.

Mass Destruction - Fitted for armor HAC fleets, just requires me to finish training T2 HAMs.

Mr Harbii - Armor Harbinger which ejected on me. Will probably refit to small gun Harbinger to kill frigate gangs with after I lost my last one to a ~20 man frigate gang with too much ECM :(

My binger - Another Harbinger that ejected on me, is a shield fit though.

Myrmidon - Spare hull, will buy some more though.

naidrauG - Currently unfit, except for the rigs (2 x Ancillary Current Router IIs). Will probably make it my 1600mm plated Guardian.

Pestilience - Ashmmu for HAC fleets. Killed an applicant's Artillery Hurricane in it which he actually bought off the corporation. He foolishly warped to station at 30km and then tried burning into docking range.

Faction 90% web <3. I got him webbed ~15km off, then kept bumping him away whilst he tried to close in whilst he couldn't hit me. DPS of this ship is super low so took ages. He was successful in his application and is now one of us \o/.

Primae - What does this do?

Protector - Oneiros fit for HAC gangs. Originally we used the Agony TWEET dual-prop fit with a 4th, medium remote repairer but found it lacking in several ways (capacitor, ease of ease etc.) in our application (high mobility gang) so refitted and came up with our own unique fit.

Pulse - Apocalypse I had lying around. Took the guns off it and stuck them on my first Oracle and never looked back..

Punishers - Spare.

Rawr - My RR Punisher (seriously) - Good times in this ship.

Razor - Super fast Sabre used mostly for wormhole ganks. Have yet to use it properly though..

Reaper - Bigger version of the Sabre. Still no amazing fights in it, which is a shame :(

Revenge of Ugzuz! - Punisher I was given by a corpmate ~2 years ago. Have yet to use it though..

Rifter - Hate these ships, so don't fly them.

Salvage-O-Matic - Salvaging Coercer.

Separating the Pack - Triple Rep Myrmidon, used it in this fight. Was originally me ganking a Hurricane + Myrmidon who were ratting, they called in their friends and azn came to help me in his unrigged Brutix. Cyclone joined at the very end. I recorded this one \o/

Shadow & Light - Used to attempt to solo in this, but it's too much of a niche thing, so instead I've refitted it for Black Ops gangs (more buffer tank, dual point etc.)

Slice 'n' Dice - My standard Slicer. Much gank, not much tank.

Spear to the Heart - Gank nano Shield AC Hurricane. When I say nano I mean it breaks 3km/s with heat \o/

Speed Bump - Shield Rapier. Rarely fly it since Konig is :sogood: at Rapier.

Splitting the Way - Armor counterpart of my Sabre. Rarely flown since Sabre works better without Logi and we rarely fly with Logi.

Status Anxiety - RR - Old RR Punisher.

Surprise! - Tackle Bomber fit on the Hound since no torpedo skills.

Team Player - MWD Solo Scimitar. Rarely use it since again, rarely use logi so we get more fights.

Thankx - Tackle Stiletto, fitted specifically with links in mind. Once tackled a Tengu 250km off the warpin of a mission because he didn't realise exactly how fast I can cover ground in this ship.

Unfitted Thrasher - Hate falloff.

Tip of a Knife... - Solo AC Cynabal with a slight twist compared to most of them out there. Tempted to refit it to have a Capacitor Battery since the cap on it is so bad for sustained usage. Ship name is tongue in cheek as the Cynabal is clearly unbalanced.

Trail Blazer - AB Crusader. Rarely fly it nowadays.

TUSKS - Dramiel I fitted for our Dramiel roam when we celebrated Dramiel getting nerfed. Didn't die since Dramiel was OP.

Unpredecented Scale - Solo Astarte. Yet to finalise a fit, but getting close..

Spare Vengeance - Will be my backup Vengeance once I bother fitting it.

Vengeance - Shield Omen Navy. Fun ship to fly since capacitor only lasts 55 seconds with everything on :). Tackled a Carrier on a gate with it, good times.

Unfitted Vexor - Might use it, don't like Tech1 Cruisers due to how little tank they have.

With Fire You Burn - My low sec Hawk fit. Super awesome and yet to lose it against a AF that isn't fitted specifically refitted to kill me - lost my last one to an Armor Jaguar with an Armor Kinetic Hardener, MWD + dual webs. Demolished a Frigate gang with ECM in one with help from corpmate who arrived late in a Sentinel. Recorded this fight, might use it in video.

You can't see me... - Armor Vigilant for armor HAC Fleet. Flown it a few times, have yet to get used to it. 90% web + 600 DPS is pretty sick though, ontop of a decent tank. Ship name is so I don't get primaried ^^
Zephyr - Never flown, looks nice though.

Will soon be training Gallente Battleships up for some solo Dominix/Hyperion/Megathron action. Might even buy a Kronos...


  1. Sheesh, no wonder it took you so long to post this! And I thought I had a nice hanger... lol.

    1. Still got ~15 ships I want to buy, mostly Pirate Faction Cruisers as well as some Faction BS. Fun times \o/

  2. Looot gods didn't like you on the Mach you killed with the Absolution.

    Nice hanger.