Friday 24 August 2012

4 Years of Tuskers

From Jaxley, fellow Tusker Director, extra details added.

Last Sunday, The Tuskers celebrated their 4th birthday making spaceships explode I guess and not actually noticing. Turns out I actually lead out an organised roam with us in Armour HACs on this momentous day, with the first kills being us fighting a 15-18 man FW Battlecruiser gang with our 15, smashing all of their Taloses and a few of their support, their 3 Scimitars, Siege Links courtesy of their Vulture as well as 2 Falcons making our task much harder.

Next fight immediately afterwards was against their blues, the local Russians. This time, they were in Armour BCs, numbering between 18 and 25. We snagged most of them, but were unable to pin down their Arazu and several Battlecruisers & Cruisers.

 At this point in time we have accumulated more than 50,000 kills, over 10,000 of which have been pods. Today this puts us at the all time #2 spot on BattleClinic's corp ranking, with the gap to the top shrinking.

Luckily, Tuskers have some real accomplishments to celebrate:

 4 years is quite a long stretch, even considering the glacial pace of internet spaceships; 4 years of sharing the same home, the same basic requirements to join, the same code. Very, very few corporations can claim to have done this. Despite this, we remain positive - Low sec is still exciting (arguably more recently than in the past) and there are still ~goodfites~ to be had, as well as ganks against those who should know better.

 We've come a long way from only being able to afford & have the Skill Points to fly Tech 1 Frigates - we regularly fly 100MN Tengus (I've caught onto this craze also, they are amazing fun), Tier3 Battlecruisers and Recons are common sights in our fleets, we're branching into Faction Battleships but despite this we still use our destroyers & frigates, routinely down-sizing when challenges approach.

Tuskers. It's what we are. It's what we do.


  1. Ooow I miss you guys, I really do. Gratz on the 4-year milestone!



  2. Congratulations tuskers! It's nice flying with/against you lot.


  3. Good to see you guys still moving up the killboard.
    Lately I've been wondering what I'm missing in eve, perhaps I'll drop in sometime...

    I miss the drunk roams :P