Wednesday 2 February 2011

Molden Heath - The Neighbours

I've only been in Molden Heath for a few days, but I'm starting to get a good idea of the area and the residents. Some of them are fairly simple, others have intricate relationships with other corporations that I've seen in the quirky backgrounds, but have yet to experience first hand. For the residents that I have encountered, I'll do a quick summary (in no particular order) of what I feel they are as an group.

Disclaimer: If you get offended by anything I write below, remember this is what I feel after having lived here for a few days. You might be completely different from the vibe I'm getting off your group.

So, in no particular order:
Gunpoint Diplomacy

Based in Oddelulf, the system as me, they prefer to live in bottom station rather then the top station I'm based out of. Running across each others' paths fairly often, both against each other and on the same side. it's fairly obvious that in many ways they are similiar to the Tuskers, preferring solo and small gang PvP. However, when push comes to shove, they have the ability to escalate up to Battleships or Fleets with Logistics fairly quickly. Quite popular in the region judging by their public channel. Vibe - Wolves. Able to hunt solo or in small packs with equal proficiency. 

 Blood Money Cartel

One of the most famous pirate corporations still around, they have recently moved back to Atlar, one jump away from Oddelulf. I was hoping to get back to some old school frigate piracy, but so far I've only had one such fight with Blood Money. Their numbers have diminished from what I remember when they lived in Iges, in Placid. Still, they undock some serious hardware - so far I've seen an Archon, a Bhaalgorn and an Macheriel being used. Saying that, I've had a few fights with them where it wasn't loopsided, including one excellent fight which I'll discuss in more detail in a future blogpost. Vibe - Mice. Fairly timid, but once they get a firm grasp on the situation, they all come in. 

The Nightshift / THE PAROXYSM

Might as well put these together since they based out of the same system in Bosena, once again one jump from Oddelulf. It's interesting to note that the Tuskers' Molden Heath campaign was conducted from that station, before I joined. The Nightshift are a bunch I've fought before in Essence. Back then, they were allied with the Roughnecks and were capable from what I've seen, but often made foolish mistakes. This trend has continued here, as well as their love for using capitals. I haven't seen too much from THE PAROXYSM specifically, but they are effectively intermingled with Nightshift fleets. Vibe - Dogs. Intelligent, but every once in a while they make you go WTF.

As for the rest, such as the The Gentlemen of Low Moral Fibre, I haven't fought them enough times to come up with any sort of vibe. 

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