Tuesday 8 February 2011

Molden Heath - First Blood

After flying down to Molden Heath, I set up the customary instant-undocks from the stations with my main whilst doing some initial intel with my alt. First place I checked - wormholes connected to Oddelulf itself. And I was in luck! A Damnation, Hulk and Hurricane were on scan in the first wormhole I checked, with no POSes on scan. Unable to narrow them down with my alt's onboard scanner, I determined they were in a gravimetric site. Cracking out a set of probes, I soon had their locations probed down.

A Hulk mining, without a care in the world
Moving my alt back into Molden Heath, I set him up with a hauler and sent him off to pick up a single shield Harbinger and a Myrmidon, the initial tools I would need. Once they were assembled, I sent my alt back into the wormhole before moving my main onto the entrance. Unfortunately, during the time I went to pick up the Battlecruisers, the mining fleet had withdrawn to their armed POS.

Discouraged, I finished setting up my new place, using the last of my ISK to buy a few frigates and cruisers, notably several laser Incursii, which I will mention later.

With my ships finally set up, I decided to head out on a roam in my active tanked Myrmidon. Pulling out the excellent Dotlan Maps website, I moved around the loop. The area seemed dead until I managed to bait an Vagabond into engaging me on a stargate. After several attempts at trying to tackle him, I finally managed to pull him into overheated web range by burning off at full throttle whilst keeping him interested, namely by forgetting to turn my armor repairers off. By the end of the fight, this blunder left me in half structure with only a few cap boosters left in my cargo hold as he exploded.

Moving onwards, the Egbinger stargate in Muttokon appeared clear. However, when I landed there were two neutral Hurricanes waiting for me.

The Hurricane, feared for its lethal combination of speed and versatility
Immediately, one of them jumped into Egbinger. It was clear that they were attempting to sandwich me in, wearing me down until I finally ran out of cap boosters and succumbed to my death. Once the Hurricane left with me on the Egbinger stargate had opened up 15km distance between us, he opened fire, warp disrupting me. Knowing it would be suicide to attempt to burn away, allowing his fleetmate to jump in and assist him, I decided to jump into the other Hurricane.

As I decloaked, he pointed me. Burning back to the stargate, I turned off my MWD and focused my capacitor on tanking the incoming DPS. After a few minutes of him attempting to break my tank at range, he disengaged and I was free to warp off. By this point I was down to a single cap booster in my cargo hold and therefore docked up in top station, bought some additional cap boosters and logged off. First blood had been spilt.

P.S. Blog banner has been updated with my new character portrait, as well as the unofficial Tusker Emblem that Tressin has designed. If you can't see the new banner, press CTRL + F5 to force a full refresh of the page. Any feedback?

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