Sunday 28 April 2013

Jump Clone Service

Just realised that I haven't plugged a service here I've been providing for the last year - creating Jump Clones for people quickly, in a safe manner without requiring them to grind standings or drop corporation.

How does it work? Read below and find out..

A Rorqual can fit a Clone Vat Bay. This allows the owner to invite fleet members or nearby pilots to install a jump clone in the Rorqual. When the Clone Vat Bay is "activated" (akin to Sieging or Triaging a capital ship), the Clone Vat Bay is activated and pilots can Jump Clone to the Clone Vat Bay inside the Rorqual, regardless of where the Rorqual is.

This offers some incredibly mobility to prepared ops by:

1. 10 pilots install Jump Clones in the Rorqual
2. Rorqual jumps to the other side of the Eve universe using cynos + its jump drive
3. Rorqual sets up its Clone Vat Bay
4. 10 pilots jumpclone to their clones in the Rorqual

Bonus points for jumping a Carrier alongside the Rorqual with the gang's ships in its ship maintenance array. :)

However, this also allows you to easily create jump clones for corpmates just before you participate in events where a blank clone is best but you don't want to destroy your current implants or grind up standings for jump clones.



Ability to install Jump Clones (Infomorph Physiology I at least, you require a higher rank in this skill than the current amount of Jump Clones you have in Eve)


1. Convo or send me an Evemail ingame to arrange when to meet up. I'm EU timezone and generally on (although perhaps idling..) from 18:00 to 23:00 Eve Time.
2. I will put up a fleet with my Rorqual pilot and invite you to it. Rorqual will most likely be based in Hevrice (8j from Dodixie, 14j from Jita), in Verge Vendor low sec.
3. You transfer the Rorqual pilot 10M as you land on the Rorqual. Rorqual will be positioned inside docking range of a station in order to avoid any funny business with smartbombs/POSes etc.
4. Once I confirm the ISK has been received, I will invite you to install a Jump Clone.
5. You install a Jump Clone. It will cost you 100,000 ISK (Concord fee, can't avoid)
6. Dock up in a station you do not currently have a Jump Clone located in.
7. Pause your skill queue, leave your ship (so you're in your pod) and open up your Character Sheet, navigate to Jump Clones and there should be a Jump Clone located inside "Zeus". Jump to it by pressing the big button called "Jump"
8. You should spawn next to the Rorqual in your brand new jump clone!

Customer feedback can be found in the Failheap Challenge Thread linked above. Also, another blogger blogged about it here.


  1. I've used this service and it was quick, painless and professional. +1.

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