Saturday 27 April 2013

More than meets the Eye..

Eve is a game more than just simply numbers written in a spreadsheet. Piloting skill (or a lack thereof) plays an important role in whether a fight is won or lost. A recent example of that is a fight The Tuskers had on one of our recent public roams (I am for at least 1 public roam a week, details can be found in our Public Channel - "The Tuskers Public Channel"). The gang type was Armour Battlecruisers with Celestis & Exequror for supports.

The majority of the fleet were Tuskers, but we had along a few members of Shadow Cartel as well as some "random" people who wanted to join in. After an initial whelp to BALEX (turns out 5 Guardians is a bit *too* much Logi for us to handle), I handed out spare ships and we went out again, this time with:

DPS - 8
1 Loki
1 Harbinger
2 Hurricanes
4 Prophecies

Tackle - 2
2 Thoraxes

Support - 8
4 Celestis
4 Exequrors

Total - 18

So, a very large gang (by our standards). We heard rumours of an Ev0ke Ishtar gang and headed over to where they were last sighted. We shortly afterwards got eyes on them and their gang composition, which consisted of:

DPS - 16
1 Deimos

15 Ishtars

Tackle - 1
1 x Stiletto

Support - 5
5 Guardians

Total - 22

At first glance this looked pretty terrible for us - they had significantly more DPS (Assuming 500DPS per HAC, that's 8000 in total compared to our ~5600, assuming 700 DPS per Battlecruiser/Loki), as well as much more remote tank - their Tech2 resists + having more Logistics of better quality meant that they would be able to tank our DPS.

However, we had two distinct advantages - dedicated Ewar boats and greater buffer. Also, with our players being low sec PvPers & pirates, I suspected we had far greater piloting skill than null sec pvpers who are typically used to just shooting the primary and not reacting well to sudden changes.

We would try to exploit this with our game plan which consisted of:

1. Apply damps to their Logistics ships
2. Overheat EVERYTHING and burn them down before they burnt us down

The outcome?

Battle Report can be found here

GF Ev0ke!

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